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Master Landscape Design

A landscape project may include any combination of the following design elements:

  • Front Entries – front entrance, courtyard, curbside planting, entry signage, house number,  mailbox
  • Outdoor Living Areas – patio, deck, dining area, entertaining area, outdoor fireplace, firepit, gazebos, outdoor furniture & accessories
  • Edible Garden – vegetable garden, herb garden, espalier fruit trees, greenhouse
  • Water Feature – pond, stream, fountain, bubbler, runnel, water wall, shoreline
  • Container Design – container selection, planting plan for new or existing containers
  • Transitions – steps, paths, driveway, gates, fences, trellis, arbor, privacy screening, hedges
  • Stonescapes – rockery, walls, retaining walls
  • Recreational Areas – play sets, natural play areas, outdoor hot tub, sport court
  • Plant Beds – trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns, grasses, groundcovers, native plants
  • Sustainable Design Features – rain gardens, pervious surfaces
  • Outdoor Lighting – layout plans for spotlighting, uplighting, wall lighting, & path lighting
  • Functional Areas – storage area, dog run, garden shed, potting bench
  • Focal Points –  pergolas, garden art, specimen trees, viewpoints

“Elaine we love it!  Better than we had imagined. Thank you so much!!”
- Mark & Betsy, Sammamish

Design Services during Installation

During the installation of your landscape design, the following design services are also available to you to ensure that your design is installed as envisioned and meets your expectations:

  • coordination with your Landscape Contractor regarding design details 
  • visits to plant nurseries for selection of specimen plants
  • on-site placement of plants
  • on-site meetings 
  • final walk-through 

Garden Renovation Consulting

For an overwhelming, overgrown or "tired" garden, a garden renovation consultation will provide you with fresh ideas on how to simplify or make your garden feel more cohesive, spacious and manageable. Suggestions may include which plants to edit out, prune back or relocate. Selecting some new plants, making changes in plant color combinations, and adding focal points may also be suggested to freshen the look and feel of a garden. Small design modifications may also be suggested to ensure that your garden continues to meet your family’s needs, as these may change over time.

“Deep within each of us lies a garden.”
Julie Moir Messervy



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